The Worthy Story

Driving in my car on the way from Virginia to my home state of North Carolina one spring weekend, it hit me. I was listening to Christian radio and all of the sudden this word hits me, worthy. What does it mean? Why don't we hear it more often? Why don't we believe it? The idea to create a brand around this immediately began in my head. I started taking notes, writing everything down I could possibly think of. How could I spread this message? Through clothing, that's how. This message was given to me to spread. Through the grace of our Savior we have this opportunity to live worthy. I was blessed to be given this message to share with all of you. I hope that through this company you can all feel the worth that you deserve. That you can help me tell the world, one piece at a time. 

We're all flawed. If you want to place blame, Adam and Eve are a good place to start. It's not our fault we sin, it's our nature. My name is Brandy and I'm a 29 year old struggling Christian girl. I love coffee, the mountains, and Jesus. Every time I take a giant step forward, I seem to run in a different direction shortly after. Have you ever ran from your fears? It's not a difficult thing to do. In fact it always feels like the easy way out. The enemy certainly has a full time job, creeping into our daily lives. But there's a voice of hope in all of us. One that tells us we are worthy and loved. That's the one I want to help you realize. I want to share with you some tangible steps to take in your life that you can hold on to.  I hope you'll walk this journey with me. We can move mountains together. xo, B