The easiest stuffed mushrooms EVER!


Okay, so I originally got this recipe from my Aunt and it's become an absolute staple in our household. If I'm being honest I DON'T like mushrooms, to me they are slimy and gross but changer.  I made a few changes to the recipe, so I'm sharing what I do to make them in our house! I like to serve these with a meat, a green veggie and a carb (mostly jasmine rice because it's the BEST).

What you'll need:

1 pack of whole baby Bella mushrooms (make sure they are WHOLE and have the hull in them) 

A baking pan

1 pack of flavored cream cheese, I like to get the chive and onion flavor but whatever looks good to you will work too!

Shredded cheese, literally any kind works, we usually have Mexican shredded cheese in the fridge so I typically use that but any flavor of cheese will work!


Remove hull's from the shrooms, then rinse them all off (they have lots of dirt on them) and place them on the pan

Stuff each shroom with cream cheese (easiest done with the back of a spoon)

Top with shredded cheese

Bake for 25 minutes on 400!

Then ENJOY! If you make this recipe, please tag me on Instagram @brandylmetcalf or let me know you did! I hope you love these as much as we do!



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