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The dinner you'll want every week, Chicken Enchilada Bowls!

Chicken Enchilada Bowls with Cilantro Lime Rice Okay so I'll have to admit, we love this recipe so much that we eat it EVERY Tuesday. 😍Our 8 year old LOVES it and each week we have him on Tuesday's so I ask him what he'd like the following week for dinner and consistently, this is his fav. And to be honest, it's our fav too! What you'll need: Boneless chicken breasts Red Enchilada sauce- whatever your favorite is (we like the brand Frontera) Mexican shredded cheese Mild green chilis Fajita veggies (if you want to add them) Taco seasoning Sour Cream Salsa (our fav is Jack's) Blue Corn Tortilla Chips (our fav) SIDES: cilantro lime rice! If you want to...

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Pumpkin Pie Chocolate Chip Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats are my J A M  Get ready for some deliciousness yall. THESE KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF.  Keep in mind...I don't really measure. haha, but really, I don't. So I'd say use your* measuring discretion with these recipes. I honestly don't know why I JUST now started to eat overnight oats, literally this week, but omg, my life is changed forever. I've been making them every single night and even LP loves them. These are my FAV so far. It's so nice to get up and reach in the fridge every morning and just have breakfast ready to go, lifesaver! Also, as a nursing mama, oats are great for breastmilk production so it's a win win. Here we go...

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The easiest stuffed mushrooms EVER!

Okay, so I originally got this recipe from my Aunt and it's become an absolute staple in our household. If I'm being honest I DON'T like mushrooms, to me they are slimy and gross but changer.  I made a few changes to the recipe, so I'm sharing what I do to make them in our house! I like to serve these with a meat, a green veggie and a carb (mostly jasmine rice because it's the BEST). What you'll need: 1 pack of whole baby Bella mushrooms (make sure they are WHOLE and have the hull in them)  A baking pan 1 pack of flavored cream cheese, I like to get the chive and onion flavor but whatever looks...

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