The Ultimate Non-Toxic Laundry Guide


Non-Toxic Laundry

Let's talk non-toxic laundry. I know what you're thinking...but it's laundry, who cares? SHOULD and here's a few reasons why. First things first, your clothes. You're probably thinking, non-toxic laundry seems unnecessary but I assure you it's not. When you wash your clothes, the detergents are typically filled with these seemingly heavenly scents. But lemme just tell you....those bad boys are TOXIC. We've talked about this before but fragrance is one of the most toxic things ever. Thousands of chemicals can lie and be hidden in the word fragrance. It's easy to just forget about this ingredient because it's truly in everyyyything. It's HARD to find products that don't have fragrance in them but just know, that's what I'm here for! Just like those Bath and Body Works candles....the toxic scents have got to go. Not only can your laundry be non-toxic it can also be more environmentally friendly. Don't you want clean air in your house so that you and your family can breathe fresh air? Can I get a #yas?! So here's a few tips on switching, the brand we use and swear by, and what you can do today to make the switch!

Dryer balls! These suckers are LIFE should get a 3 pack from amazon. You won't be sorry. One of the most toxic things to do with laundry are dryer sheets. YUCK. I get it everyone uses dryer sheets and you never dry a load of laundry without them but, they're toxic. I know you think that's the only option, but it's not. If you want to add some extra scent, you can add a few drops of essential oils to your dryer balls before you throw em in! Plus it's WAY more affordable than buying dryer sheets all year round. You're welcome 😉.

Laundry Detergent...the BIG one. So you may have heard of this greenwashing thing, aka when companies make something sound non-toxic when it's really far from it. It's truly scary how good marketing is these days. It even says it's safe right on the bottle, but I encourage you to download apps like Think Dirty and EWG (environmental working group), they are both free in the App Store and you can tag your products in store and get the score asap so you know what's safe for you and your family. Make sure you're checking these companies out and the ingredients listed on the products you buy. We personally use Molly's Suds and Seventh Generation (the fragrance free kind). Pro tip: add essential oils to your laundry detergent or dryer balls, thank me later! They add delicious smells with no added harm to your health! You can shop them in specialty grocery stores or on amazon!

Ok, now let's talk convenience! Quality washing machines make all the difference and let's be honest, not all of us have time for laundry...insert laundry mats! You may even have time now that you're quarantined but lot's of people don't have time for it and that's totally okay. That's what laundry mats are for, convenience!! Yep, laundry mats are still around and there's an awesome one not far from us that I'd love to recommend to yall, The Clothes Spin!


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 If you live in the state of Virginia, there is one business that is changing the way we view laundry mats today. The Clothes Spin offers you a variety of heavy-duty washing machines that can get out the worst stain at an affordable price. They have eco-friendly machines with all new energy and water-efficient washer and dryers from single to an 8 load. Yall know how important eco-friendly is to me! The owner’s mission is to create a different kind of laundromat for your experience. Born from their own personal experience of using old unreliable washing machines, they wanted to make a difference to help their fellow neighbors. They reimagined a laundromat design to be clean and comfortable for you and your neighbors. Gone are the days of needing change to wash and dry your clothes. They offer an app that takes all of the workout and tracks your usage for free washes! If you have a pile of clothes that need quick and professional services, they also offer that as well!  There are locations all over the state including 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Madison Heights

I hope you and your fam decide to make the switch to non-toxic laundry. And if you live in VA, check out this awesome laundry mat, you won't be sorry! Yay for clean living. 



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