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Let me start off by introducing this precious guest blogger, Jordan. Jordan is my cousin, so basically we've always known each other! I never knew my family was even watching my business grow until Jordan reached out to me one day.  A lot of people in our family are pretty old school, so they've never even heard of blogging or an online business or even know what it means for that matter, but Jordan does. I'm so thankful she reached out and was so enthusiastic about writing a guest post. She's such a strong woman and so blessed to have her in my family. 


Hey y’all (yes I’m from the South), my name is Jordan Yancey, and I am a (almost) 36 year old mom of two girls. I have been married, divorced, a single mom, and now re-married, and happier than I have ever been. It took me a while to get there, both with life and myself, but through strife comes triumph.
 Let me start by saying I use the term “teacher” loosely. Let me also state for the record that this is my first official blog post. I teach middle school ELA so I’m used to the writing bit, but my speaking to an audience usually consists of no one above the age of thirteen.
 I have been a public school teacher for 15 years now and it continues to challenge me daily. I must conform to meet the needs of those students  around me. This includes learning new hands-on teaching methods, learning new kids names and circumstances, and currently learning Spanish as I teach a predominate Hispanic population, and as their teacher I feel it is important to communicate with ALL my students, and their families.
 I am also a fitness teacher. I have been a Beachbody Coach for 6+years. I run monthly online private challenge groups where we share recipes, workout ideas, and celebrate all successes, I lead online workouts (from the comfort of everyone’s own living room because to be honest I’m not a gym person and having two kids is part of that), I have weekly calls/check ins, and most important I just teach those who are interested how to live a more healthy, but sustainable long term lifestyle with the tools that have worked for me...aka a lot of it is mind over matter!
 Lastly, I am a “life lessons” teacher. This is where being a mom to two beautiful girls comes in. I try to find a daily balance (just keeping it real, some days are better and easier than others in the mom department) of teaching them (they are ages 2 and 10) how to go from young girls and one day become strong, independent, confident, and supportive women...because to be honest the world needs more of US!
 I use the term “teacher” loosely because through all these things I am “teaching”, I am also constantly learning! I believe that no matter your position everyone is afforded the opportunity to learn something new daily. I believe the things you “learn” have the ability to enhance your life.
 For example, my middle schoolers teach me daily that I do make a difference, and just my belief in them may be the support they need to make a difference in the world. Secondly, as a fitness teacher I have come to realize that even as a wife, friend, and a full time working mom, self care is important, NOT selfish! If I am happy and content, then I am able to be the “best me” for all those titles I assume listed above. Finally, my job as “life lesson” teacher aka MOM has taught me that there will always be someone who deep down thinks you’re cool, that no matter what you always have a “cheerleader” in your corner, and most important you no longer have to worry about finding someone to give you the real truth (although at times it can be brutal), because their bedroom is located right down the hall.
 In closing, I hope you take away that:
  1. There are lessons to be taught, but more important learned on a daily basis
  2. No one is perfect, but setbacks can lead to breakthroughs
  3. Enjoy EVERYTHING life has to offer, because God only gives you one (@ least on this earth!)   ;)
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    Beautiful words. Everyone can be a teacher and is a lifelong student in my opinion.

  • Kasia

    I feel like we’re all teachers at some point. As we learn and teach others and pass on our knowledge. So even though we might not have the official title we can all think of ourselves as teachers at some point.

  • Seanna

    I like that you included all the ways that you’re a teacher. And how you’re still learning and willing to learn as much as you can. I bet you’re a wonderful teacher, mom, and person. Keep it up!

  • Crystal

    Great post! Love the part about not only teaching but also always learning. I will always be a student at heart! Love learning!

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