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Wedding Day Ready by Kara

    "Wedding Day Ready"   The day was finally here. I had my dress, my fiance, friends and family all sitting, waiting patiently for me to walk down the aisle to meet my groom. I had been planning for this day for over a year and I couldn’t believe that it was finally coming together and that in a matter of 30 minutes, I would become Mrs. Kara Weaver. I felt beautiful - which was a very rare thing for me to experience about myself. I’ve always struggled with how I looked, how much I weighed and how others saw me. As a *slight* perfectionist, watching my stomach become rounder, my thighs more jiggly and my butt a little...

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Pursuing You

      Lately I have been reflecting on my single years, and this thought has been lingering: “I didn’t always know who I wanted to be with, but I always knew the type of woman I wanted to become.” When I was in college I dated a few people and looked for my joy to come from them.  When those relationships ended I found myself empty and frustrated and unsure of who I was.  I remember making a list of all the characteristics I hoped would one day describe me. I found the list recently and have been inspired again to be a woman who defines these words in who she is: kind, caring, faithful, classy, graceful,  witty, clever,...

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