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How to Live your Life on Purpose

    I want to ask you a question. We have two options in this life; to exist or to live. How do you want to live? How do we practice living a life on purpose? The real question is - How can we be intentional? Before we dive in, let me clarify what intentionality, actually is. Intentionality is making the conscious decision that something in life needs to shift and implementing change into daily life, even when the going gets rough. Being intentional should be used in a way that promotes self-development and/or benefits your business. How do we live a life on purpose and practice being intentional? There are 6 major steps to do so, and here they...

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How photography became a passion of mine

    Have you ever had an idea nag at you? One that feels like someone tugging at your pant leg, like a child requesting your attention? For me, that child trying to get my attention was photography and photo editing, but it’s taken me years to realize it. It wasn’t until I started playing with Adobe Lightroom that I started realizing I was making excuses for not pursuing photography (I didn’t have a DSLR) and that it was something I should just start doing. The more I learned Lightroom, the more I felt this way. I’ve learned a lot of different ways to express myself and I still adore those things too. I was originally going to go to...

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