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Three Ways to Change your Life like I Did by Abby

      It was my first year of teaching, and I stood in my classroom the first day after winter break. The teacher from one door over popped her head in and asked how my break was. I opened my mouth to tell her about the glory of family time and the magic of the holiday itself, when much to my surprise, I began to sob instead. As tears rolled down my face and words refused to make their way out of my mouth, I thought to myself What is happening here? How did I get to this point? Myriad events can lead us to junctures like these in our careers - the moment we simply cannot take anything...

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Pursuing You

      Lately I have been reflecting on my single years, and this thought has been lingering: “I didn’t always know who I wanted to be with, but I always knew the type of woman I wanted to become.” When I was in college I dated a few people and looked for my joy to come from them.  When those relationships ended I found myself empty and frustrated and unsure of who I was.  I remember making a list of all the characteristics I hoped would one day describe me. I found the list recently and have been inspired again to be a woman who defines these words in who she is: kind, caring, faithful, classy, graceful,  witty, clever,...

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