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A little intro to Misty. I met this sweet girl through Jenna Kutcher's Goal Digger Podcast Group. Misty is a lover of being healthy, and inspiring others to do the same! She is also a mother to two sweet boys. 
Hello, hello! I am Misty, the health lover behind Mind, Body & Health by Misty! It’s my passion to assist others in learning to love themselves through nutrition, exercise and self care practices. The spark for Mind, Body & Health started with my own personal journey. I had spent the majority of my life being active; I was a dancer for 12 years. However life happened and a new chapter of my life began; I was no longer dancing 18 hours a week, but unfortunately I found myself eating the same way as if I was. After my second baby, I had it; I was over the unhealthy pattern I had been living for years. It was absolutely time to make a change and start taking care of myself.
So what did I do to make this change? I joined a gym, got active and began eating healthy! I wanted to loose weight a healthy way, no magic pills or fad diets. It wasn’t about loosing weight fast just to look better; I wanted to be healthy again and feel better. Becoming healthy would have so many benefits for my family and I, like simply being energized enough to keep up with my kiddos all day! I worked really hard and in 3 years time I lost 52 pounds! It was challenging, but I kept with it and had success!  This was when my slogan was born, “Small changes, big results.” I had made small changes my lifestyle and naturally lost the weight. It wasn’t over night and that was okay, I had set my mind to something and achieved big results!
During my personal get healthy and fit journey I began to feel drawn to making it something more. I had triumphed in becoming a better version of myself and I couldn’t fight the feeling of wanting to help others do the same! I really enjoyed group fitness, it’s a great way to get a workout in and stay accountable since you are around others. So along the way I became a group fitness instructor and assisted hundreds of members in reaching their fitness goals. The best part was I had not fully reached my goal yet. It was amazing I myself was setting and reaching personal goals and I was encouraging others to do the same. My fitness classes were able to see me change too, which encouraged them to continue believing in themselves. I mean really what better way is there to stay motivated in a weight loss journey than to have an instructor literally going through theirs as well. Along with other types of group fitness, I developed a love for yoga. I absolutely love to use the physical poses, breathing techniques, and sometimes meditation to center both the mind and body and help to promote well-being. I then became inspired to take another step and become a health coach. I am also a 200 hour registered yoga instructor and barre certified.
I absolutely love being a health coach along with a group fitness and yoga instructor! I long to reach and make an impact on as many people as I can. This is why I took everything a step further and created Mind, Body & Health by Misty. You don’t even have to live in Arizona for me to be in your corner and help you get your health on track. I offer health/macro coaching via Internet! Yes that’s right the Internet! It’s seriously the coolest thing; I can inspire and be there for anyone regardless of geographical location. It’s so easy to set you up and give you the recourses and keep you accountable every step of the way. Just like so many other aspects of life, health and fitness are easier to achieve and maintain with encouragement and support! There is a bonus however if you are local (AZ), I still teach yoga and group fitness and would love for you to join in on a class sometime or even become a regular.  
I live a busy life between teaching, coaching, yoga, being a mom (this is a whole list in itself with kids school, activities, etc.) The one thing I have to keep in mind is all of life things are a whole lot easier if I’m healthy. Trust me if you give a healthy lifestyle a try you will not regret it! I believe in you as much as I believe in myself!


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