Kombucha, it's all the rage.

Before we get into booch talk I wanted to introduce this awesome girl, Erica. Erica Biesiada is a full time attorney and spends her free time blogging and podcasting for her brand, Bring Your Own Kombucha (BYOK). BYOK is not your typical health and wellness blog. Instead of purporting to be the expert on wellness, Erica is simply sharing her personal journey as an average woman who strives to be the healthiest she can be. She shares eco-friendly habits, schedule friendly workout routines, how to incorporate lots and lots of greens into your diet, and ways to balance the mind, body, and soul.
Kombucha is all the rage right now, even the Kardashians are drinking it! Am I the only one who spotted a health-ade kombucha in Kortney’s hands these past few episodes? And I totally get why, it is so delicious and does the body good.

What exactly is Kombucha you ask? Kombucha, also known as BOOCH, is a drink composed of tea, sugar and fermented with SCOBY (a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). No worries though, the scoby consumes over 90% of the sugar so it results in a low sugar drink packed with lots of enzymes and nutrients at nearly 30 calories a cup. #WINNING!
The best part about the popularity of this drink is that you can find it in almost any grocery store. Or if you are feeling like a DIY, you can totally brew your own at home. Find the step by step recipe here!
I know what you are thinking, SO what makes it so healthy? Well, kombucha is known to aid in liver detoxification, improved pancreas function, better digestion (YA KNOW MAKING YOURSELF REGULAR….), increased energy, reducing candida, and helps nutrient assimilation. It also consists of B-vitamins and folic acid.
You often hear kombucha associated with the word probiotics. That’s because the fermentation process produces a large amount of healthy bacteria which is known as probiotics. These bacteria improve both your gut health and immune system as they line your digestive track, absorb nutrients and fight infection.
If you are looking to swap out your sweet tea or soda addiction, kombucha is a really good option as there are tons of health benefits and it has that fizzy, carbonated texture to it.
There are two things I want to mention before I wrap up this kombucha 101 post:
1- Kombucha contains .5-1% alcohol due to the fermentation process.
2- Please note, I am not doctor, just a kombucha lover therefore if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any health issues, definitely check with YOUR doctor before consuming.
If you made it this far J let’s do a fun giveaway! Follow @brandylmetcalf and @bringyourownkombucha and comment on this post your favorite flavor of kombucha or a flavor you want to try and I’ll send you your very own brew at home kit!

Grab some Kombucha and cheers!


Link to the brew your own kombucha – referenced in the third paragraph

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