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Hi! I’m Lauren Dailey and this is my family.

We live in Alabama, where my husband is a high-school band director and I am a stay-at-home mom & holistic educator. We’re busy, but our life-experiences and education provide us with tools to help others, and we’re passionate about sharing that. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to share a little bit of our journey with you!

So, my professional background is in food. I’m a certified chef out of Johnson & Wales University (where I met Brandy!) and I previously worked in kitchens and catering. Attention to ingredients and detail has always been a priority to me and I absolutely love learning everything I can about the ingredients I use. You can imagine the shift of pace and my attention when I hung up my chef coat to be a stay-at-home mom. Now, the roles of chef and mom are actually pretty similar. Both involve long hours, decision making, a lot of time prepping, managing stress and chaos… but I had no idea how much my attention to ingredients and detail would come into play with a new baby.

My first-born came along with extremely sensitive skin and my eyes opened wide to the ingredients in everything we were using. I honestly had never put much thought into what was in our household and beauty products, nor did I realize their connection to our health. You know that special “baby-smelling” detergent everyone says to get and the sleepy-time wash and lotion you just have to have? All of it broke my baby out in a rash. Even if someone held her who smelled like fragrance, she broke out in red patchy bumps wherever she touched their clothes.I began throwing out anything that had the word “fragrance” in the ingredients list and searching for more natural, yet affordable, options that would work.

I was introduced to the world of essential oils in early 2014. I had been making my own detergents and soaps, so of course I had heard of essential oils, but I didn’t really know the difference in what was out there. Remember, attention to detail is super important to me, so finding the best option for my family was priority, and let’s face it… the internet can be confusing. Thankfully, I was able to attend a class to learn more and experience them first-hand, and I was seriously blown away. I was looking for a safe and natural solution for my 1-year-old who wouldn’t sleep, but what I found was so much more.

We chose dōTERRA essential oils for our family, not for the business opportunity, but because it is a company that we align with and trust. If you aren’t familiar, dōTERRA is a company that started ten years ago with a group of medical and business professionals on mission to bring the best quality essential oils into the homes of people like you and me. They have since grown to be the largest essential oil company in the world and are now stepping into the medical field (seriously impressive!). So what makes them so different? Well, quite a bit, but I’ll point out some favorites. To start, they developed a standard for purity, potency and testing called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and offer GC/MS reports for every batch of oil produced. dōTERRA also sources from over 40 countries, harvesting from land where the plant grows most indigenously and offering respectable wage to family farmers all over the world, all while maintaining strict quality standards. You can go to and view all the details yourself and learn about the growers, distillers, scientists and medical professionals that take part in each process.

Now, I said that I didn’t choose dōTERRA for the business opportunity, but that part just sort of fell in my lap. Once I began using the oils regularly and seeing their effectiveness throughout our family in many ways, I of course told people about it. We watched common issues resolve, like upset stomachs, head & muscle tension, anxious feelings and sleeplessness, respiratory and immune support… you name it and we learned an oil to help it. It became our go-to response and routine for wellness. These oils are now incorporated into every area of our home and I feel good about that decision because I know exactly the ingredients I’m using and the benefits my family receives. Sharing those experiences opened a door for me to help other people, and I believe that is what I was meant to do all along.

So, for the past 4 years, I’ve dedicated many hours to learning and teaching about these oils and ways to use them. This past year, I decided to launch my own website, where I combine my love and knowledge of food and holistic healthcare in one place. With newly found medical needs and dietary restrictions, I am able to shed some light on how I am approaching these concerns naturally. I am also passionate about sharing with other women my experiences with pregnancy, motherhood, emotional stability and well-being. If my life-experiences can help other people with theirs, what an amazing opportunity that is to be encouragement and support. I would love for you to explore my website and contact me so we can connect. I offer classes in-person and online, phone appointments, as well as post tips and daily habits through blogging and social media. Thank you for reading a bit of my journey, and I would love to be a part of yours.


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