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I want to ask you a question. We have two options in this life; to exist or to live. How do you want to live?

How do we practice living a life on purpose? The real question is - How can we be intentional? Before we dive in, let me clarify what intentionality, actually is. Intentionality is making the conscious decision that something in life needs to shift and implementing change into daily life, even when the going gets rough. Being intentional should be used in a way that promotes self-development and/or benefits your business.

How do we live a life on purpose and practice being intentional?

There are 6 major steps to do so, and here they are.

How to be Intentional in Your Daily Life

01 - Discover what you need to be intentional about. Do some self-development work to discover what new habits needs to be implemented in order for you to progress in your success. Do you need to make more time for someone in your life? Do you need to make more time for an activity that will benefit you? Do you want to give more of your time to a cause in which you believe?

02 - Don't multitask. If you've decided to be more intentional by making time to play with your kids, put the phone away. If you've decided to be more intentional by scheduling in a morning workout, be sure to wake up in time and make the decision that nothing will get in the way of you completing that workout.  Make those decisions, on purpose, for your greater good.

03 - Write reminders on post it notes and place them where you will see them.  You'll be surprised how the activity of writing the reminders requires being intentional. You have to walk around your house and really think about where your eyes wonder during the day. Is there a particular place you stand during the day? Is there a spot that you look at while you are thinking? Maybe a note on your laptop or in your notebook? Whatever place this happens to be, put your reminder there.

04 - Become an expert at recognizing the triggers.  “Triggers” in this case mean the moments that you lack intentionality. It could be a number of things ranging from exhaustion, not taking enough breaks, pressure from outside sources, a lack of perspective, anger issues, or stubbornness. Once you narrow down what is hindering your ability to life a life on purpose, you've fought half the battle!

05 - Have someone hold you accountable.  Now that you've determined your goals. share them with someone and have them check up on you periodically.  When we do not share our goals with anyone, we are 36% more likely to give up on that goal.  Why? Because we are more comfortable letting ourselves down than we are letting someone else view us as a failure.

06 - Dust yourself off. When you decide to a live your life on purpose and practice being intentional, everything will begin to naturally balance itself out. However, small failures along the way are inevitable and you should not have a pity party when this happens. If you fall short of being perfect (I know, shocker!), dust yourself off, chock it up to experience and keep on keepin' on.

How do you feel? Are you going to practice living life on purpose by being intentional in your daily life? I hope so! You are one giant step closer to balancing your life if you do.

About Michelle Slote

Michelle is owner of Hello Wholeness.  She started the blog to share life balance secrets with entrepreneurs.  It quickly evolved into a mission to provide a service to entrepreneurs.  Her life’s purpose is to help entrepreneurs bridge the gap from #burnout to living a uniquely balanced lifestyle, so they can live the life and run the business they deserve. You can check out her website here. 

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