How photography became a passion of mine

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Have you ever had an idea nag at you? One that feels like someone tugging at your pant leg, like a child requesting your attention?

For me, that child trying to get my attention was photography and photo editing, but it’s taken me years to realize it.

It wasn’t until I started playing with Adobe Lightroom that I started realizing I was making excuses for not pursuing photography (I didn’t have a DSLR) and that it was something I should just start doing. The more I learned Lightroom, the more I felt this way.

I’ve learned a lot of different ways to express myself and I still adore those things too. I was originally going to go to art school for illustration. I’ve always been involved in different styles of dance. I’ve had lessons in guitar, piano, bass, flute and I’ve even tried ukulele (I’m not particularly great at any of them). I’ve played with sewing, embroidery, baking, gouache painting, amigurumi, watercolor pencils, woodcarving (I worked in senior recreation for a while, so they let me learn this awesome skill!) and more.

So how has photography been different? How did I know this was my thing?

I can talk about it a lot, with passion and knowledge because I’ve enjoyed learning endlessly about it.

I love learning from, being inspired by, and advising others in this profession.

I can edit for hours before I realize I need to eat.

I feel confident that I can learn what I need because I want to!


It’s not like I knew right away when I first tried it as a kid, but I shouldn’t be surprised. Photography has always been part of me. As a kid, I made a friend of mine walk around with me while I took photos of her. I would take photos of things in my room for fun, composing my messy clothes and drawings next to my guitar. When we moved into our home I immediately made a light box so I could take photos of some guitar picks I made with comic books and modge podge. I enjoyed the photography more than the idea of actually selling my creations, but I always told myself I couldn’t do anything with photography without a DSLR.

Eventually, I used a free Skillshare trial to learn photography because I was inspired by Andrew Knapp’s book “Find Momo.” I love animals and this seemed like a lot of fun! He talked about Lightroom and I immediately loved editing. It was through editing that I realized I could still create art without a DSLR. Once I felt confident with the editing, I felt confident enough to get a traditional camera and I still enjoy it more than any other art (although watercolor pencils and ink are a close favorite!)

So my question to you is this: What is holding you back from your interest?

See if the thing you are interested in is how you are meant to serve others. Try it out and see if it just feels right. If it doesn’t, that’s alright, but you have to try.


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