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Yeah, I'm talking to you. This is coming from a 29 year old tv addicted girl who loves all things cheese and gluten. Six weeks ago I chose to give up dairy and gluten for my health. I've always had digestive problems but getting to the bottom of them and actually doing something about them was always on the bottom of my to-do list. You know that to-do list that never actually gets done, yeah, it was on that list. I always knew something wasn't quite right but I never could put my finger on it. I can't believe that I'm already SIX weeks into this journey to better health. Overall health has always been my biggest goal, along with digestion, but I know that my body was not happy with all that extra weight on. Some people say, dang, you've never been bigger than a size 6? And the answer is no, I haven't. I'm a generally small person but that doesn't mean I was healthy or taking care of myself in a way that I should. I 100% believe that you should work for things. I've had multiple jobs for as long as I can remember (years now) and I still manage to make time for my health. Since I stopped nannying a few weeks ago I have started going on 30 minute walks when I wake up in the morning. I can hardly explain how amazing it's been. I've been able to push out negative feelings and thoughts, right when I wake up. I can feel the peace from nature around me. I can feel calm in the morning silence. I can spend quality time with Jesus, listening to Him. It's amazing what can happen if you just get up and try. I've always read that successful people have morning routines so I thought I'd finally get mine started. The truth is, none of it is easy, but it's worth it. Moving my body every day has made me realize how much my health matters to me. Even when I don't want to, I'll get up and go walk, even on a Sunday. Routines are what make us successful in every part of our lives. If we are consistent, then there is no way we cannot reap what we sow. One of the easiest things I do to keep myself on track with weight-loss and overall health is meal prepping. I know that it's tedious and takes time but honestly if you just do it and get it out of the way, it can be SO beneficial to your goals. We all have different goals but I think we can all agree that overall health is a goal for all of us. See, we have something in common after all, friend. One of my favorite verses, that is on the front page of this website is, ""Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, "Move from here to there, and it will move." Nothing will be impossible for you." Matthew 17:20

Think about how easy it is to cook some rice, veggies, and meat. Take 30 minutes out of two days of the week and try meal prepping. We like to make huge batches of the three things listed above and then we make different meals out of them according to what we'd like to eat for that meal! Our house is a bit divided. I am eating a gluten free, dairy free diet. Rialand is on keto, and has been for about a year now. And then of course our two boys (ri's kids) eat whatever is in sight...including unsweetened almond milk with their cereal, who knew haha! Keeping our fridge stocked has been a challenge lately, but we always figure out a way to make it work for everyone. Don't think of how difficult or hard it could be, think about convenience. If you're food is already prepped each week, you can create and throw a meal into the fridge and BOOM out the door, easy peazy! 

I am so thankful I started this journey six weeks ago. My body and overall perspective has changed so much in just this short time. I have lost an entire pant size, my clothes are getting loose, I feel amazing and I'm NOT turning back. What are you waiting for? It's easier than you think ;)

"Change your perspective, change your life." 




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