Finding Harmony in the Chaos by Christy

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Before we get into finding harmony I'd like to introduce this sweet girl, Christy. Christy is a mom to a precious little boy and a lover of all things natural. Her blog features natural living, motherhood and minimalism. We met through a blogger group and I instantly knew she'd be the perfect fit for a lifestyle blog piece. I hope you enjoy! 
Have you ever just cringed when thinking about your incomplete todo list or up coming events that you should be attending no matter how much you wish you were not?
Generally speaking, that’s me most days of the week! I’m the type of mom who thinks I can and must DO IT ALL. Birthday parties, play dates, church events, you name it. And I think I need to bring something to any and all of them!
I can not tell you how many nights I have stayed up until 2 am baking cookies for the next day because I HAD to be the parent who had it all together. Pretty sure I drove my husband crazy with that on several occasions.
Since day one of motherhood the big life advice I’ve been hearing over and over is: BALANCE.
But what does that actually mean? When I heard it, I thought: YOU MUST HAVE A LIFE WITH EVERYTHING IN PERFECT BALANCE. Meaning, you should be doing it all, with a smile on your face the whole time.
I don’t know about you, but I SUCK at doing it all! Staying up late to bake those cookies would just result in anger towards my husband the next morning (because he slept longer than I), and then later frustration towards my son because he was awake and wanted attention. Did anyone care that I had stayed up to bake the cookies? No. They appreciated eating them, but they probably would have appreciated a happy, loving wife and mother (well rested also being a key factor) instead. 
In my life, I am ever so slowly learning to strive for HARMONY instead of the coveted BALANCE.
For me, seeking Harmony is realizing that I can’t and shouldn’t do it all and giving myself the freedom to pick and choose what “Harmonizes” with me and my family best!
A big aspect of harmony is coming to the realization that above all else, PEOPLE matter most. You’ve probably heard the phrase “People over Things”. That statement is one I have to keep reminding myself of when I am faced with choosing which to devote my time too. 
Things aren’t always just physical possessions, “things” can be events that you are invited too are considering hosting even. Choosing to devote your energy to creating the perfect party but drain yourself to the point of just not wanting to be around anyone afterwards, could be your version of needing to refocus and figure out what harmonizes with your life over balancing all of it!
Harmonized motherhood looks different for everyone. Some moms are serious homemakers and can seemingly craft, cook and clean anything and everything all of the time. But they love that, they thrive on it! Other moms are the best teachers you could ask for and go over your ABC’s and teach you the count long before anyone expects it. They seem to have the most academically smart kids (from our outside view). But teaching is what harmonizes with their lives like no other! I’m the type of parent who is just who you need when you want to build a stick fort outside or lay in a bed of grass and wildflowers for hours on end. That is something that harmonizes with my life and personality.
I can’t do it all. I’m constantly looking/finding where the harmony of People over things fits into my everyday life. Success isn’t always on my side, I stumble and mess up a lot. But at the end of the day, if I just go to bed instead of baking the cookies that night, I call it a win!
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