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I sit here about to type up this little lifestyle piece and my heart is about to explode I am so grateful! I just have so much passion for community and to be asked to share my heart for you makes me so happy. I live for impacting others! I could go back years, and talk for days on my love for a healthy happy lifestyle (and I definitely want to share what I have found that works for me, that all people can do) but I will try to keep it to the most recent and most powerful transformation for me!

I am a mama to 2 of the sweetest little girls and as priorities changed I was the first person to be pushed onto the back burner. I mean, we know how that goes when you have a servant heart, am I right!? It got to a point where I had made zero time for myself in like weeks and I had nothing left to give! That’s one of the worst places to be, when you don’t feel like yourself and nothing is filling your cup, when the people around you notice that you’re just so exhausted and not yourself! JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL! I am such a believer that Jesus has blessings that he wants to pour onto us. He wants us to live a life of happiness and community. He wants to walk with us through it all and lift us up in the hardships!

*Insert life changing moment/opportunity*

I took matters into my own hands and I just KNEW that there had to be more! My body felt so off and I wanted to focus on the fuel I was putting in. (Mental, physical, and emotional fuel). I made such a change in my mental aspect of wellness. I began waking in a state of gratitude! I woke with a mentality that today I have the choice to be happy, thankful, present, and in control! I fueled my body with amazing nutrition, I gave myself the physical work that my body needed to feel good. I studied plants and what is amazing for our systems and began focusing on what I was putting in, and focusing on releasing toxins in my cells and inflammation, both which cause fatigue, mental fogginess, stress, weight issues, hormone imbalances and so many more issues! I had a heart that was full of love to give, and I made my emotions more available to others! I wanted to fill other’s cups because I knew how badly it stunk to not get your cup filled!! Even a simple “You look so beautiful today!” holy cow, 2 things. It feels INCREDIBLE to say that to someone else, and it’s AMAZING to see their face when they receive that unexpectedly!

When I had those things personally under control I began to crave a community who would share the same beliefs, the same desire to build each other up, find happy healthy, radiate gratitude and lift each other up in mental, physical and emotional wellness! *enter The Babe Campaign* A community of just that! These women are so incredible, strong, loving and there is so much encouragement it would make a Negative Nancy run in fear! I am linking arms with women all over this world now because of the bold step to make an impact and a change. THIS WASN’T ROCKET SCIENCE! It is so duplicatable! Anyone can make a change exactly like this! A lifestyle of gratitude, community, wellness, and the freedoms that brings is so powerful. I am so grateful for where I have come from, and how its grown me. God walked with me in that low, teaching me, so I could come out and make this change to impact hundreds and thousands of people who are looking for more. My heart jumps just thinking about that!

I want to extend my arms out to anyone who in this life wants an incredible community to connect with. Who is looking for that push to change and experience their best life. Who every day wants to know that regardless of what’s around you, you have a strong community of amazing individuals. Who wants to get physically healthy with me as we focus on those amazing things we can put into our bodies to fuel us, to feel our best daily! Whatever it may be, and whoever you are, YOU ARE AMAZING and I would love to hear your story and meet you where you are in this journey! I just have so much life to live, and to share and I am so grateful to be able to pour out onto you what has worked for me in this life! My family is forever grateful for Jesus who never lets us down, the Babe Campaign and what that has become, and incredible fuel for our bodies! I absolutely encourage you to invest in yourself. You have this once chance and DANG IT, you are worth it! Don’t let yourself be put on the back burner, your heart deserves to be filled daily!

If you want to connect further don’t hesitate to reach out!

Rochelle Borcherdt



Instagram: @ro_borcherdt

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