3 Reasons Why you should switch to non-toxic nail polish NOW!


Take it from the nail queen, nails have been my thing for easily 15 years. When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately went to the nail salon that week and got my fake nails taken off. I knew it was the last straw in my transition to a non-toxic lifestyle and they HAD TO GO. If you didn't know, I had acrylic nails for 10+ years. I was addicted and let's just say...what a waste of money. I was easily spending around $100 a month on them. So why make the switch? Nail polish when breathed in, can disrupt your system quickly. So not only is it harmful to breath in the fumes, the chemicals in nail polish enter our bloodstream when applied to our nails which can cause several health issues (a few listed below). And if you're wondering, YES, YES I did throw away ALL that toxic crap and I'm not even mad about it. It felt good.


1. Nail polish is filled with horrible toxic ingredients that can disrupt your hormones. These disruptions can cause cancer, inflammation, reproductive issues, birth defects, and developmental issues. Have you ever wondered why your nail lady wears a mask...yeah, trust me, it's not a good thing.

2. Safer nail polish is now readily available. You can find safer brands in CVS, Target, and sometimes your local grocery store if you have stores like Wegmans.

3. The government does NOT regulate the ingredients in our beauty products. Which is exactly why I do this research and share it with yall. I want to help everyone live a healthier lifestyle a nd I'm thankful for the ability and the curiosity to dig deeper and give yall safer alternatives. 

If you now know how toxic nail polish is, imagine the toxicity of nail polish remover! Y I K E S. I recommend Ella & Mila's remover. It's soy based and works great! You can find it on Amazon.

Now that I have been doing my nails myself, I recommend getting the brands that are 7 free (and up) which means the companies leave out the harshest of chemicals. 

My FAV brands so far: Zoya, Ella & Mila, Cotè, 

I hope you'll make the decision to switch to safer brands for you and your family. And if you can, take them with you to the nail salon to reduce the toxin load. Lucky for us here in Fredericksburg, VA we have two nail salons that are non-toxic and it makes my heart so so happy. Be sure to try and look for a safer salon where you live too! You'll notice they don't wear masks ;). I am so thankful I know these things now, before LP gets into all things girly, it's best to keep our kids as safe as possible.

Happy painting! xo

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