3 Easy Ways to Help the Earth!



Happy Earth Day!

Now, if you would've told me it was Earth Day a few years ago I probably wouldn't have cared, but man am I thankful to say how much I've changed. When Rialand and I first started dating (over five years ago), I wasn't really into the whole recycling thing. But ever since then, once I realized how much of an impact we can make, it mattered to me. There are so so many ways we can help the Earth and be a little more conscious of our daily habits. 

1. Buy an eco- friendly, non- toxic sunscreen! 

I know what you're thinking, wait how can sunscreen help the earth? Why eco-friendly? In 2018 Hawaii banned sunscreen that contained chemicals harmful to the coral reefs. This ban was conducted because over 3000 chemicals were found in the most popular sunscreens on the market. Not only are sunscreens damaging the ocean, they're causing cancer. There are SO many safer sunscreens on the market now. 

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2. Use less plastic. 

I know I know, but how do I live without plastic baggies? Well, it's simple, you replace them with something actually sustainable and reusable. One of the most toxic things we touch on a daily basis is plastic bags. Gross right? Most grocery stores even have reusable bags you can buy, find some on amazon, or you can take your own! 

Need a replacement for plastic baggies? Shop Stasher bags! They are having a 25% off sale today on their website to celebrate Earth Day. Yay for discounts! Shop them here or on amazon. 

3. R E C Y C L E.

I know there are a LOT of naysayers out there that don't believe recycling does any good, but let me tell you, I believe it and we do it. If it matters to you then you'll make it your mission. We recycle everything and we also try to do better. It's all about how much you care. Every bit counts.

It really is SO easy to make a difference. Skip the straw, skip the receipt, take your own bags to the grocery store (or shopping). I can promise you that if we all just tried a little harder, the impact it would have on the Earth would be monumental. 

Have any questions or need suggestions?! I'm happy to help! Send me an email! brandy@yawlifestyle.com.


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