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Don't Rush the Time

  "We waste our whole life preparing for the future, not realizing that the only way to be happy is to embrace each moment."   It's that time of year again. Teachers and kids are going back to school, the days are getting shorter, people are back to their school year routines. And of course, people are rushing the season, once again. Can I share something with you guys? It drives me nuts when people try to rush the season. I remember my mom making comments about people wearing sweaters in the summertime when I was a kid. Maybe being annoyed about the rushing of the seasons is something I get from her. Don't get me wrong, Fall is amazing....

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I'm not a real mom

      "There is something about a girl who dates a guy who has kids." I've heard this saying for years and years now. It's not for everyone. Some people literally avoid it, by not dating people who have kids. Some people judge because of it. It's a choice, and not an easy one I might add. I can imagine that single parents want someone they date to love their kids unconditionally and that may be hard for some people, but not for me. Yes, parenting is hard, especially when you're not the parent. It's even harder when the kids don't see you as a parent figure in their life. I had someone recently say I'm "just the girlfriend."...

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      My word of the year for 2108 is GROWTH. It's now April and I'm full-on wondering how the heck we got here so fast. When I started to write my intentions for the year, I had a list a mile long of things I wanted to accomplish and then I realized that I needed to be realistic when it came to my goals. It's nice to have a million goals but it's not practical to think you can accomplish all of them in the time that you want. God has a plan that's much much different than ours. We can plan our little hearts out but some things are just going to change in life. Either it's...

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