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Happened so fast...

Are there any Grease fans out there besides me? Haha it's such an amazing classic and I feel like it's just that much better in the Summertime. Oh Summer, how you were greatly missed, minus this heat. (That can leave). I went to the beach a few weekends ago with a good friend of mine. It was so awesome to just get away from it all and relax for a few days. I fully believe that it takes getting away, to realize how much you appreciate all that you have. And it's also motivation to get to where you want to be in life. (Like having your own beach house). We all feel this sense of urgency to "make it" in the world. The book I'm currently reading by Holley Gerth called Fierce Hearted has some incredible things to say about this. "I thought if I could just be successful enough, I would become someone else. But you can't grow into someone new. You can only grow into more of you." What an amazing, truthful message. I definitely get caught up in the thick of it all. Wanting to be as successful as the other Christian brands I see out there. It's hard to be proud of yourself when you're comparing your apples to someone else's oranges. I feel like this is the perfect season to be in right now. Summer is full of fun and distractions. The beach, the pool, endless parties, fireworks, friends, family. You've gotta wonder sometimes, if God just wanted a simple life for us. Living in a smaller house verses a bigger house. Traveling the world instead of buying new stuff all the time. Eating fresh fruit in the summer on your back porch, surrounded by the ones you love. Swimming in the pool with your kids. Think about simplicity and what that means to you. It's pretty easy to want someone else's life but you have no clue what it took them to get there. That giant mansion they live in? What if it came with multiple jobs, sweat, tears, and a lifetime of debt? That really fancy Mercedes they drive? Maybe they got an extra job just to make their payment every month. These amazing bloggers you follow on instagram...they are most likely in thousands of dollars worth of debt, just to be able to show you new products. It's all about perspective. Just because someone else's life looks amazing, doesn't mean that it is. If we spent half the time we did comparing our lives to other people's and more time cultivating our own relationships imagine how much better they would be? Remember this, what you give power to has power over you. That's one of my favorite quotes, ever. Let's use Summer to get back to our true selves and focus on being a better person. Put more effort into your dreams. Create a better life for yourself. Go sit out on your porch and read a book. Go on a walk around your neighborhood, meet your neighbors. Go to the farmers market and meet your local farmers! Buy as much local stuff as you can, veggies, clothes, anything. Find the joys in the simplicity of Summer and what the season brings to you. So instead of focusing on how successful you can be in life, focus on the people in your life. Those deeper connections are going to get you so much further than more material things ever will.

I hope you'll find a way to enjoy your Summer, the simple way. 





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