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happy easter blog post


I recently saw the phrase "no longer lost" and it really hit home. Since we are currently in the season of Lent and quickly approaching Easter, I couldn't help but compare the two. The meaning behind Easter is simply that we'll never be lost again, because Jesus died to save us from our sins, we have been found. It's really as simple as that. He made Himself a sacrifice so that we can live our lives free from sin and suffering. We are His children who are taken care of in every aspect we could imagine. We tend feel lost, I know I feel lost sometimes, especially throughout difficult times. I try hard to be a positive person as much as possible but sometimes it's difficult to do. We all face different challenges in our daily lives. We personally struggle financially sometimes, but you know what? Every single time, we make it. We pay all our bills and rent and somehow, we manage to survive. I don't believe that's just some random coincidence, I believe it's our faith in Jesus that gets us through. Each season, what we encounter uncovers more about us. "I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be, to inspire me and not terrify me." It's so beautiful to go through these seasons of faith. There is so much richness in the story of Jesus, from death to resurrection. The Easter story is so beautiful to me. To go from the thought of no hope at all, when Jesus was dead in the grave, to pure faith in believing through His resurrection, is such an incredible feeling. Our lives play right into this, each season we worry about the next thing. The next paycheck, holiday, baby shower, wedding, or party to attend. The quote above read so clear as to how I feel about the transitions in life. If Jesus could go through a more difficult time than we could ever imagine, just to save us, then why can't we have faith in our own seasons of life?  Spring is a gorgeous season. It's getting warmer outside, the birds are chirping, our clothes are getting brighter, the flowers are starting to bloom. Everything is coming back to life again. I can't help but think that we all change with the seasons. In some seasons we aren't where we want to be, yet we have no choice but to move forward and do what we can, with what we have. There are highs and lows that come with each phase.  Maybe the highs are higher in the seasons of giving but I think the most important part of all resides during our seasons of growth. I understand that we all go through horrible, heart breaking seasons. But they are all a giant part of our journey and we must remind ourselves that right around the corner is a leaf falling or a flower blossoming. I encourage you before Easter gets here to reflect and renew yourself. Take the time to get ready for a new season. Preparation is the key to success right? I think we should start focusing on fulfillment. God loves you, the real you, not the you you want people to think you are. Not your Sunday best. And certainly not your sins. The greatest fulfillment comes from sewing the word of God into your life. If you focus all your energy into making a fulfilling life then you wouldn't worry as much about the seasons. Outside sources will never give you a lifetime of fulfillment like your faith can. Enjoy the changing season around you. Happy Easter!



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