Living Present

"A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because her trust is not on the branch but on it's own wings. Always believe in yourself."

Do you ever get those feelings of hopelessness in your life? Like the kind that leave you wondering what God has in store for you. We all go through new seasons. They challenge us, they change us, and they move behind us with each passing day. Philippians 1:6 reads "And I am certain that God who began the good work within you will continue His work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns." I don't know about yall but I hope Jesus comes back before my last day on earth. We tend to forget that all the energy we waste on our current life is truly temporary. But in all reality I'm wasting so much time worrying about something that hasn't even happened yet. something to look forward to it helps you focus less on whats right in front of you. Bad stuff can happen and you still have something to look forward to.  There is so much of the world that I haven't seen and so much to be discovered. I often wonder what God has in store for me. I contemplate where I'll be in 5, 10, and even 20 years from now. I try to envision my future. Will my life be what I envisioned it to be? It's amazing the things God shows us in life. One minute we feel debilitated, at a loss for hope, barely hanging on. And the next we're fine. Another day begins and we realize how short life is and how we truly have only so much control of what happens in and around us. Believing in yourself is hard to do. I think it's easier to believe in Jesus than it is for me to believe in myself. I grew up being told I could do anything I put my mind to and when I look back at my life so far I wonder why I'm not further? What did I do to mess it up? How can I progress? How can I make myself better so that my life becomes better? It's hard. Not knowing what God has in store and what the future holds. I see my friends going through just horrible horrible times and not even half a year goes by and they have been moved, changed and rearranged so much that their lives are completely different than they were before. Their picture has been repainted and re-framed. It's even in a different house on a different wall. Will there come a time when we are at ease with what our future holds and who holds the key? Giving up control is one of the hardest battles we will face in this life. At the end of the day all we have is our relationship with Christ Jesus. He is the one who will fill us up when we feel empty. He is the one who will guide us in the right direction when we feel lost. He is the one who loves us unconditionally when we feel no love at all. He is the one who will calm us when we are anxious about our future. Let us learn to live in the moment, to be fully present in what God is giving us to experience. I'm so thankful for my faith, for without it I would be an anxious mess. And yes, we all struggle with anxiety, but let us remember this, "We may not be able to control all that happens to us but we can control what happens inside us.".How crazy is it that something as small as an app can create such a big impact on our lives. I'm SO beyond glad that I chose to do this. I'm excited to see how I feel by day 7. This is part of the "Live Present" challenge I am creating. How can you live more present? 

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