Let's Move Mountains


"God's grace and strength can liberate you from your past and equip and empower you to help other women." 2 Corinthians 1:2-4. 


Imagine sitting in a circle around this fire. Every summer I get the opportunity to do this with other Christians. There is no other feeling than sitting around a fire, with Jesus loving people, surrounded by music and mountains. When I set out on this journey to be a blogger, I never knew how it would be perceived by the outside world. I have been really transparent in my journey so far. I grew up in a house where it was not okay to talk about things that go on behind the scenes. We were always told that it was none of anyone else's business to know what goes on in our personal lives. I certainly never thought people would be able to relate to everything that goes on in my life. I can hardly put into words how incredible it feels to hear someone respond to one of my blog posts or social media posts and is able to relate to it. I have had such a minimal amount of backlash for the things I have chosen to speak on so far, which has been a huge blessing to me. Cause y'all know that enemy is strong, especially to those of us living for The Kingdom. Sometimes it's hard to talk about such personal things, but truthfully it feels so much better once I do let them out. Blogging is a healthy type of therapy for me. Recently I've been in a little writing rut, I just have SO much running through my head that has been going on in my life on a daily basis. Working as a full time restaurant manager can be very draining, both physically and emotionally. As a manager, I try to help everyone work as a team, which isn't always an easy feat. People are so independent, and it makes me realize how independent we think we are in our everyday lives. We think we can just handle everything that gets thrown our way. What in the world makes us think we can do it alone? We are never ever alone. And I think that is such an important message and the whole purpose behind You are Worthy and this lifestyle I'm creating. Not only are we not alone, we are taken care of. Our worries and our stress and our fears can quite literally be taken away. All we have to do is surrender everything to Him. The message behind "Let's move mountains" is exactly that. Feeling alone is never a good thing. In fact, it's one of the worst feelings. Things can go horribly wrong in life, and if you feel like you're alone it only makes matters worse. My goal in this movement of YAW is to create a community. One in which we can feel loved, cared for, prayed for, and most importantly, never alone. As you go into this new week, I hope you know that we can move mountains together, as one. As a manager, a business owner, and a family member, I'm trying to instill these feelings of community wherever I am. Let's build together, let's move mountains as one. 


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