How do you get it all done?


Today I'm answering my most asked question, "How do you get it all done?"

The truth is...I don't. And I'm not really sure why people think I do. Sure it's hard as crap to juggle a toddler, a household, kids, a husband, and a small business, but when it's your passion, you just get it done. Some days my list is complete and others it only has two thinks highlighted.


A few months ago I started four day work weeks and it has been transformational to my life to say the least. Not only has it allowed me to focus MORE, it's created intentional space for me to get things done, focus, and spend time with those I love. My mornings are filled with making breakfast for me and LP, a giant cup of coffee, dancing, and laughs. When she goes down for her morning nap, I get right to work and try to accomplish as much as possible while she's asleep. And if you're well versed in all things toddler you know that could be from 1 hour to THREE (those 3 hour ones are glorious to say the least). When she wakes, I make us lunch, we eat and play and then I attempt afternoon work while she crawls on top of me. Long gone are the days of a second nap and I'm not able together as much done as before but oh well, such is life right now. In between all of this I'm doing laundry, picking things up off the floor, cleaning, doing dishes, chugging water, and trying to survive all things household related. See, I'm NOT one of those people who will live in a dirty house and dirty to me is dishes in the sink (even if it's two), things on the floor, laundry not finished, and unclean counters. I grew up in a spick and span in which it didn't look lived in unless you visited my room. 😂 I can hear my mom laughing right now because it's SO true. 

We're all different, and we ALL have different goals. Mine are to be a great wife, mother, homemaker and business that order. So to be real, some days NO, I don't get it all done but I will say that every week I feel accomplished and complete because I know I've done my best. Now ask me again when another baby is in the mix next year, I might have a totally different answer....pray for me. 

Can you relate? Do you get it all done?

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