Have you detoxed lately?

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"Being connected to everything has disconnected us from ourselves."

We're addicted. That's right, I said it. We spend soooo much time on our phones that we don't know when to put them down. As most of you know, I started my own business, aka You are Worthy Lifestyle, this past Fall. It's been a whirlwind so far. I can't imagine what my life would be without it now that I'm living out my purpose. For a long time I doubted myself and what I was capable of. I've been so excited about the opportunity to spread this message of worthiness through faith in Jesus. I have joined so many blogger groups, girl boss groups, social media groups, and women entrepreneur groups. I've learned so many things about Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and blogging in these past 6 months. I never knew this wealth of knowledge even existed until now. I have been blogging for about 4 years now but I never knew the true potential of it. There are bloggers that make a million dollars a year...blogging. It's NUTS! I used to get on all these social media platforms because I thought they were fun! I loved seeing people's lives, what they're doing, what they're wearing, etc. Now, it's become such a saturated marketplace. Everyone and their mother has been trying to sell training's on each app, how to do this, how to get this many followers, how to be real, how to attract the right customers, how to make a free ebook. It's exhausting. I don't know about you, but to me, it seems less than real. I love being transparent. I love being raw and open about things in my life. I don't think things should be hidden, that's not how we connect with others on a real, personal level. It seems like every page is becoming more fake and more filtered. I've worked hard to even get the followers I have now and it's not many in comparison to other people. I was diving head first into all of this and going pretty strong for several months but now I can feel myself pulling back. Sometimes it feels like I'm talking to a screen and not real people. I work so hard on a post, for 3% of my followers to see it. Those followers that I worked so hard for. I mean, what's the point right? Then I have some days where I post something and get TONS of feedback and am so thankful that people care, can relate, and take the time to read. I'm so thankful for my tiny community but sometimes I really do need a break. I have to put the phone down, reflect, and remember my purpose for this company and journey. When you take it back to the core of why, you can save yourself a little bit of stress. Strip away the followers, page views, likes, and comments, and what do you have? What's left? Just you, right? Think about your life. Are you doing it for the right reasons, because it's your lively-hood, or just to gain followers and likes? I think it's hard to be in the right place mentally when it comes to social media. It can be a very useful tool if you have a business but it can also be extremely destructive mentally. Studies have shown that we experience more depression and anxiety in our lives because we use social media so much in our every day lives. The trick is to make sure you have a healthy balance when using it. I personally do NOT like to create content ahead of time, it's just not the way I work. I know that sounds so crazy to some people. And that goes for the pages I manage for my sisters restaurant, my personal business and my personal accounts. I feel more genuine if I write things in the moment and post them right then. It also takes ALL stress out of the situation of scheduling for me. That just gives me anxiety that I don't want or need in my life. Am I alone here? This all takes me to one of my favorite bible verses of all time. Matthew 6:33 says, "But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you. Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is it's own trouble." Yall, we shouldn't be living through these screens. We should be living in the moment. I get it, I'm guilty too. I'm really beginning to love sharing my life with the outside world but at what cost? Is it worth all the time I'm putting towards it? I'll tell you one thing, it certainly doesn't fulfill me. And don't get me wrong, I love certain aspects of social media. I'm not perfect and I do admit that I am addicted. Of course I'm not giving up social media, I am just working on using it more intently, not just mindlessly scrolling through it for no reason. I am a firm believer in the connections that I have made through it. I have some incredible people and I plan on continuing to do that. However, I will absolutely be detoxing from it more often. Get outside, go on a walk, soak up this beautiful Spring weather outside. There's a whole world to be seen and lived. 

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  • Whitney

    It’s so important to find a balance between everything! I am still trying to! I love social media but when I am on vacation or even a day hiking I love to be unplugged! Great post!

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