Happy Holi Festival

Have you guys ever heard of the Happy Holi Festival? I hadn't either until today. I opened up my canva app to make a graphic for social media and there it was, tons of images full of bright colors and the Holi Festival. Ps, if you don't already use Canva, you're missing out. It's a free graphic template app/ website and it's amazing! If you're not already using it, you should get on it. I use it to create almost all of my graphics for social media. The Holi Festival is a Hindu spring festival known as the "festival of colors." There are so many incredible things that this festival signifies, here are a few.
-Victory of good over evil
-The arrival of Spring & the end of Winter
-A festive day to meet others
-To play & laugh
-Forget & forgive
-Repair broken relationships
-A thanksgiving for a good harvest
I mean, how incredible does this sound?! And why the heck don't we have any festivals like this in the United States to signify the same things? We need to get on it. Every single photo shows how much joy and happiness this festival is for them. It kind of reminds me of a Color run with how vibrant the colors are. What an incredible show of faith and the celebration of the beginning of something bright and new to come. I wish we spent more time in our lives celebrating joy and the changing of seasons and the colors that they bring. As we head into Spring I hope that we can live more in color and joy. I know some of you may be thinking, why would a Christian be talking about a festival in India? Well, I believe that we could all use a little more joy in our lives. So why not? I have so many ambitions in life to travel and experience things like this festival. What are you doing to bring your life more joy?




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    I participated one Holi festival in India and it was one of the greatest festival ever

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