Goals vs. Resolutions

New year
Yeah yeah yeah....it's that time of year again. New year, new me. Gotta lose weight. Gotta make resolutions. Gotta make more money. Gotta get happy. Blah blah blah. I know a lot of you are SO over hearing about this but guess what? I love it! There's gotta be someone else out there that loves it too. I know us boss babes and entrepreneurs eat it up. The average person, I get it, I used to be like you too. That was until I started my own business. Now, I'm alllll about that hustle and ready to always make goals, aspirations, and intentions. Jesus had goals. He had a mission and a purpose and He set out to do exactly what He was sent to do, so why can't you? I was literally always that person who was so against it and now look at me. Completely changed. My boyfriend is the super entrepreneur type. I'm talking like, we get in an argument about something little over say, soap, and it turns into a motivational speech about growth and how we can all do better. Haha I kid you not this is my life. I used to get so annoyed by it, but that's before I took the time to understand it. I never wanted to work as much as him. I was so against all those hours and all that hustle. I thought that so much stuff mattered that really, clearly doesn't. I get stressed out an anxious about stuff all the time but now I'm openminded to other things. Growth being my biggest thing. Now I've got two jobs and I'm building my own business on the side. I even used to hate that he listened to books on tape. Him and my mother, I swear. I was always like how in the world can yall listen to one person's voice that much? It got on my nerves. And now? Now I'm watching and signing up for as many webinars as possible and I'm literally addicted to podcasts. ( Specifically The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher, check it out on iTunes) Like what? Who. Am. I? I'm transformed, that's who. This January, as you make your goals, think about what God wants for your life. This could be the year you decide to take a leap and start your own business. Or ditch that job you hate so much. Or grow some plants and keep em alive. Or actually lose all that weight...AND keep it off. The possibilities are endless and "with God all things are possible". (Matthew 19:26) I know that we go through our days feeling so lost and empty and discouraged but all you need is a tiny sliver of hope and a sprinkle of imagination and I promise you, you'll grow. Don't allow yourself to be trapped in a. jar or just jotting down random things on a piece of paper. Actually decided to live your best life. I've decided that my word for 2018 is GROWTH! I am so open and ready for the possibilities that God has in store for my life. I encourage you to focus more on your intentions for the year instead of resolutions. Don't think of it like a to-do list. It's SO much more than that. Only write down what will fill you up and help you flourish. Or instead, do something I did and pick one word for the year and LIVE by it! What are you willing to learn this year? Can you do as Jesus did and live out your purpose?


  • Jennifer

    Yes! I firmly believe in goals. Such a good post.

  • Erika Jarvis

    I’m so glad I found your blog! I’m always looking for more amazing stories for inspiration and inspo-podcasts! I’m definitely subscribing to Jenna’s thanks to you! Keep rocking your goals!

  • Jennifer

    Love this so much! I’ve stuck on the word REAL, like share tha bad with the good. Not only our highlight reel of life. People need to know we are a mess just like them!

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