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Have you ever been a place where you were working so hard you just didn't know if you could continue? Yeah, that was me. I've worked more than two jobs, sometimes up to five at a time, for years and years. I don't tell you this because it's impressive, I tell you because I did what I had to do. You see, life just isn't easy all the time. And sometimes I think I might have made it a little harder on myself. I didn't finish my degree in college which means I had to work a LOT harder in my 20's to not only figure out what I wanted to do with my life, but to get a good job. You know, one with health insurance just like mom wanted. It took me a LONG time to figure out my life. But now that I have, I can clearly see God's hand in all of it. Life can really surprise you, and God really does have a sense of humor. Within those difficult times and days, I somehow never lost my faith. A lot of people lose faith in hard times, but not me. I always knew God had a plan. I always knew He was looking out for my family. I always knew He would take care of us. We live a little bit of an unconventional life, but we love Jesus. I hear judgements quite often from Christians of their opinions of my lifestyle and how we choose to live. But honestly, it brings me back to Christ. What He tells us, and how He loves us. No matter what lifestyle we're living, we are loved. I came across a Bible verse recently at it stuck true to those judgmental times. "Anyone can find the dirt in someone, be the one who finds the gold." Proverbs 11:27. Isn't it true? We can choose to see the sins and flaws and choices in others, or we can just support and love them unconditionally, the way Jesus loves us. We have the choice, it's up to us. 

I recently got a HUGE promotion (and extra job) at my full time job. It was weird. I never thought I'd make good money, I mean honestly. I thought I'd be living paycheck to paycheck for years to come. But y'all, God stepped in. He saw the work I've done, He's watched us suffer. And he reached out His hand and lifted us up in our time of need. Finances can be a tricky thing. They make a lot of people uncomfortable. And not many people like to talk about them, me included. They used to make me so uncomfortable. I was so embarrassed to have credit card debt. But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. I can finally pay it down and get on track...for the first time in my life. IT FEELS SO GOOD. I already paid off two debts and it was such a surreal feeling. If you're struggling, please don't give up hope. I was there, with a negative bank account balance all the time, tons of bills I couldn't pay, credit cards (that had been cut up for YEARS) that I was trying to pay off, but never had enough money to do so. There. Is. Hope. I promise God will provide for you and yours. 

So, when you're feeling down, like you just can't go on struggling any longer. HAVE FAITH. I know it sounds cliche, but it's not. I'm living proof that God will provide. We struggled for years but now we don't have to anymore. It's a beautiful thing to watch what God will do in your life. So get back up and try again,  even when it feels like you've got nothing left to give. 

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  • Brenda

    Brandy, knowing you is a blessing. I am so proud of you and knowing God is in control is the best feeling ever!! Love you

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