Genuine Support

"As we grow up, we realize it becomes less important to have a ton of friends, and more important to have real ones."

Since launching my online business a few months back, things have been such a whirlwind. I work a full time and a part time job, so my business takes place between bathroom breaks and late nights on the couch. Some would call it burning the candle at both ends, I call it passion. Starting your own business is definitely not easy, not by any means. This is why support is one of the most important things. As a person who thrives off of words of affirmation, it's nice to have real support behind you when you start your own business. It's a lot different as an online business owner than it is for someone who opens a brick and mortar. If you own a store then of course people can show up and buy stuff that's right in front of them. But when it's online, things are a little different. People aren't able to touch the product, they aren't sure how it will fit, they are skeptical to shop online. I get it, times are changing! My moms generation isn't sure what to think of this whole shop online thing, heck, my mom never shops online, I had to put her payment in myself just so she could buy a shirt. Haha, bless it. But this brings me to something that's really been hitting home with me these past few months. When you do so much work to start a business, you expect those close to you to step up and support you. You assume they will all buy something and tell people about your new venture. But then reality hits, and you realize that reaching people that are already in your life isn't the long term goal. For the past few weeks, I really started letting this "non- genuine" support get to me. Congrats girl, so proud of you...but no sale? Why did it matter to me so much? It took a lot of reflecting on my part, but I finally came to the realization that it doesn't matter if my friends buy from me or not. I can spread this message without their help. And I realize that they aren't really showy Christians like I am. Tattoo Jesus on my chest and I would wear it proudly. There are so many people out there who are struggling to hear a message of worth. I have this really great friend who had a very successful online business that she started by herself a few years ago. She went though a lot of ups and downs but by the end, she was soaring so high it didn't matter if her friends were supporting her or not, what mattered was sending the message out. You see, the people in my life already know Jesus. They know how loved they are, how cherished their lives are, how incredibly blessed we all are every single day. Genuine support however, is when a complete stranger tells you that they recently reconnected with their faith after years apart from it, and that YOUR blog really helped them. I mean....I literally cried when I saw that message. So friends, today, I want you to know that your support means the world to me, but it's not my whole world. I want to build this community so big that even a stranger can feel the warmth of my friendship. Being a disciple, spreading the gospel, and starting this company is my dream and I am SO blessed to be doing it. I hope that if you are struggling to find genuine support in life, you'll look outside your circle for once. 


  • Megan

    Great post.

  • Hannah

    I love you!

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