Fully Alive

sunset on a beach feeling fully alive



"Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who are alive."
-Dr. Howard Thurman

I've been in my feelings a lot lately. Wait, I'm always in my feelings, just ask Rialand. Ha! What makes you feel alive? One thing I can't help but think about is how fireworks make me feel. Or taking off on a plane. Or traveling to another country. Or a perfect kiss from the person you love. Or sitting in front of a breathtaking sunset. What does is mean to feel alive? Of course we all have a heartbeat inside our chest. Most of us are capable of walking and talking and living. But, alive? I think we take for granted that alive feeling. I'm the type of person that feels alive during worship songs, on a mountain top, traveling new places, or watching fireworks. But why don't I allow myself to feel alive in my daily life? What is it about this day in age that seems to suck the life out of us, instead of making us feel alive? I think it always goes back to our faith. How deep are we rooted in our faith? Are we able to live fully alive in Christ? I think it takes more effort than a lot of us are willing to give. I go through these "spiritual patches" if you will. One day I feel super spiritual and ready to conquer this great world and the next I feel empty. It's like my faith comes in waves. I think the best thing about being a Christian and having Jesus in our lives, is that we have that constant. He will never give up on us. Even when our tank is empty and we feel like giving up, He is right there to fill us up. He will never forsake us. Even when we are going through the hardest of times, we can count on Him to bless us in ways we never thought of. He will never forget us. Even when we are feeling our loneliest in the midst of being surrounded by people, we have Him as our friend.  Maybe our solution is that God wants us to do more things that make us feel alive. My itch to travel is exactly what I'm referring to. If traveling makes you feel alive, then find a way to do it. If going to sporting events, shouting at the rooftops makes you feel alive, do it. If standing on a mountain top looking out makes you feel alive, then go climb that dang mountain. We can't just wait to feel things in our lives. Christ calls us to do more and be more and live more. I think maybe we do more existing than we do living. We all exist, but what are we doing to create a life worth living. If you died today, what would people say about you? Would they say you lived a life of adventure? Or that you always wanted to adventure, but never quite did? Only we are in control of living our best lives. Psalms 16:11 says, "You make known to me the path of life, you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand." Maybe something like sitting in front of fireworks sparks something inside of us that makes us realize what it feels like to be alive. It's almost like you're a little kid again, ready for action. We never slowed down when we were kids and we were living fully alive. And then we become adults,  and slowed down a bit and somehow we lost that sense of adventure. But why? What path have you taken lately that's causing you to lose your adventure? I challenge you to find it again. I did! Here I am at 29 with more adventure than 18! I want to go out and explore this great big world. I want to feel alive in Christ. And I think that finding that feeling is easier than we'd think. Yeah, we have to work for it. We have to worship, have a relationship with Christ and spend time in the word. Just like we have to make better choices and move our bodies more. Living your life fully alive is how God intended it. He wants us to live up to our full potential. So get out there and live! Figure out what makes you feel alive and just do it.





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  • Alana Nicole

    I love your writing style! This is such a reflective piece! I feel alive whenever I’m with loved ones or working on my creative passions.

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