Don't Rush the Time

summer time


"We waste our whole life preparing for the future, not realizing that the only way to be happy is to embrace each moment."


It's that time of year again. Teachers and kids are going back to school, the days are getting shorter, people are back to their school year routines. And of course, people are rushing the season, once again. Can I share something with you guys? It drives me nuts when people try to rush the season. I remember my mom making comments about people wearing sweaters in the summertime when I was a kid. Maybe being annoyed about the rushing of the seasons is something I get from her. Don't get me wrong, Fall is amazing. But just because school started, doesn't mean Summer is over. Fall starts on September 22nd this year and trust me when I say, I LOVE FALL. But I don't allow that to keep me from embracing the season of Summer and all it's glory. It's still 90 degrees outside, and with sweat everywhere, the last thing I'm thinking about is a dang pumpkin. I can't even imagine drinking something pumpkin flavored right now. It's easy to rush into what's next. The next season, the next plan, the next week, the next year. But what about finishing out strong, instead of skipping over the end? It's funny to me how fast people can switch to the next season in the blink of an eye. The second they get a whiff of Fall, pumpkins are out and white pants are off. And yes, if you're wondering, I abide by the no white after Labor Day rule, I am a southerner, remember? Stores seem to shove it down our throats earlier each and every year. By the end of August this year, stores were already filled with all the Fall things. The older I get, the more I want to embrace the season I am in, and not just for right now, but for the long hall. I want to be able to embrace every hot moment or cold moment that the season I am in has to offer. The picture in the graphic above was taken by me earlier this year in Curacao on a cruise. What I wouldn't do to be sitting right there, right now, embracing that moment and all it's glory. I've decided that embrace will be my word for September. The dictionary definition for embrace is: to accept or support willingly and enthusiastically. With endless to-do lists, running businesses, multiple jobs and a family, it's hard to slow down and enjoy life. We don't have much time together but I am always thankful for the time that we have. I am so excited for this Fall season, but first, I fully intended on finishing out Summer strong. Can you imagine what our lives would be like if we slowed down a little bit and allowed ourselves to enthusiastically embrace the full season we are in? How much more appreciation we would have for the people and things around us? I hope you'll join me in embracing the end of the Summer season this month. Before you know it, it'll be over and we'll have no chance to get back the time. So slow it down a little bit and try to enjoy this beautiful month as we fade into Fall. 




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