Are you blind to blessings?


I'm pretty sure everyone in my life who's close to me is going through a difficult time right now. Many are suffering from loss, some depression, some are lonely, some are recently divorced, some can't find love, some are financially in a bind. You name it, they're going through it. Now don't get me wrong, we all have struggles, but how long do you allow yourself to suffer through the pain before you find the blessing? I was just recently telling a friend of mine who just went through a divorce that I know it sounds silly, but God doesn't take you through a terrible time just so you can suffer. There is always a blessing to be found in what you're going through, literally always. I was texting with my aunt the other day and she mentioned how her current circumstance led to a job that she'd been praying about for over a year. She has been sick herself so with low energy it hasn't been easy for her to stay on top of finding a job lately. Until, like always, a blessing was uncovered. She stumbled upon a caretaker job. One that didn't start as a job but ended up being a huge blessing. It's almost like our lives are similar to a Hallmark movie. I know I know, so cheesy, but really. There's turmoil and trouble and problems and then the end the blessing is uncovered. Are you blind to blessings? I know we get so caught up in the pain we are experiencing that we forget that God has our back. We get so focused on the negative that we can't see the positive. Let me give you a snip it into my personal life. I've been really struggling in my job, feeling beaten down, defeated, full of anxiety, drowning in fear. And then a lady came into the restaurant where I work and we got to chatting. I finally got to tell her about You are Worthy. My purpose, my passion in life. I got to tell her why I started it and what my mission was. I gave her one of the last business cards I had. The next day, she called me. Her voicemail message said this, Brandy, I have passed your message on to someone I just met, she is having a hard time and I think that you can help her. I almost fell over. For the longest time (two whole years) I said to myself, how am I going to spread this message when I don't feel worthy? How does little ol' me have something to give to someone else? How can I be a disciple when I don't know how to give my fears to God and get out of the way? And you know what, one day, He bluntly told me to (basically) get over myself. Within ONE week I created a website, got a logo, put it on merchandise, and launched. ONE WEEK. I mean...if that don't get ya believin' in Jesus, then I don't know what will. There is always a blessing to be found. And here I am, the girl who never thought she could even get this started, running my own business, living out my purpose. I know this is only the beginning of what God has in store for my life. Sometimes we need a little push, a word from a stranger, a purchase from someone on social media, a light in the darkness. It's hard to know where to look for the blessing, but I PROMISE you it's there, waiting to be found. So again I ask you...are you blind to blessings?



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