5 Ways to be more intentional this Christmas

What makes you all warm and fuzzy inside during the Christmas season? During this beautiful month of December, I have been spending so much more time relaxing and being still. I've been sitting in front of our Christmas tree for at least 30 minutes a day, in complete silence. It really helps me worship, pray and connect with the Advent season. Advent is such an incredible time in the life of a Christian. As someone who thoroughly enjoys worshiping outside the pews of church, Christmas feels so much different to me now. I'm not attached to a church, in fact you could even say I'm unattached at the moment. This year I decided to allow myself to be an unattached Christian. You know you can still be a Christian and not go to church right? This used to be a big no-no. We used to be grounded in our house if we didn't go to church on Sunday. That's how big of a deal church was to our parents growing up. Luckily we both ended up Christians...which is more than I can say for a lot of people I know. I'm such a traditional Christian. I love Christmas trees, Jesus, giving, Advent, and even telling people Merry Christmas. I was once taught that it was basically sac-religious to say/ write "Merry X-mas." And I really did believe that for the longest time. Until recently I read something where a guy I know researched it and the X literally translates to Christ. So I did a little research myself. Ha, little did I know. It was true! Keep Christ in Christmas has been a thing for a really long time now. I feel like Christmas is continuously becoming less and less of a religious practice, and more and more about gifts. We're all guilty of it. Letting people know what we bought for others, showing off what people bought for us. It's hard not to, especially when we're so excited. So how do we keep our focus of the birth of Jesus and not the commercialized side of it? Well, I've come up with 5 days to be more intentional this Christmas.

1. Awareness

-Spending more time in awareness of the season for what it is and the meaning behind it. 

2. Be still

-Spend time in the word or in prayer in front of your Christmas tree. It's something about the lights that just fill you up.

3. Be intentional 

-I made a list of all my intentions for the month of December. It helps me visualize what I want out of the month and be more intentional about my days. Put it where you can see it daily!

4. Spend little

-I get it, we want to spend money on gifts for our loved ones. This year, let's spend less. Buy them something you know they need, not something they have 50 of. Try DIY!

5. Love more

-I know we love on a daily basis but let's try to love a little more. Call your grandparents. Spend time with family. Surprise someone you love. Tell people you love them. Tis' the season of love.

It's easy to get side tracked during the Christmas season. But maybe we can do better. Let me know if you try any of these! Merry Merry Christmas!


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  • Louise D Parrish

    Oh sweet Brandy. You are so blessed. What a loving heart. Praying more people read your blog and see the love. God Bless.

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