2020, a year WITHOUT resolutions



Yada yada...new year, same me.

Each year of my adult life I told myself January 1 was my deadline. That one date that I thought of all year long. I would make a list of 50 bajillion things I needed to accomplish and when I didn't, I'd mentally punish myself for not hitting my goals and getting "further" in life. What a load of crap. The media & social media loves to hype up the "new year, new me" thing. The year 2019 was one of the best most challenging years of my life. Because we did SO much in a year, I can't imagine what 2020 will hold for us. We had a baby, I quit my full time job to become an entrepreneur and start my own business, we got engaged, then we got married. AND to top it all off I became an aunt to the most precious little boy. I mean...God really out-did Himself. 


baby girl

In the midst of all this, I somehow lost my faith. Yes, I am a woman of God, always was, always will be, but sometimes, even when life is amazing (or hard), it's difficult to stay strong to faith. As many of you know, I've been a christian my whole life. From a very young age I understood and adapted to my faith. That's not really the premise of this post, however, I want you to know that I've learned that you don't ever lose your faith. Even when things are incredible, God is at work (duh).

Instead of going with the crowds, which I rarely ever do, I've decided to make this my best year yet. Instead of the huge list of things I'm focusing my attention to one word. My word for 2020 is grace. Whether is be giving myself a hard time because I don't make more money, or don't get to Bali, or don't finish the dishes, I want to learn how to give myself more grace. Or grace in general (I'm not good at grace). I want to challenge myself to several things, for example:

Pilates, yoga, cooking, eating out less, baking, reading the Bible, reading books, traveling, making connections, the list goes on. The biggest difference? I won't punish myself if these things don't happen. It's merely just a list of positives I wish to incorporate more of. My true focus will be on grace. Want to do something different? Do it. Want to go against the grain? Do it. Want to lose weight? Do it. Want to quit your job? DO IT. I want 2020 to be different in the aspect of encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone and do something you're afraid to do. 

Was I ready to quit by job in 2019? Yes but no but yes. You're never fully ready but if you don't leap, you'll never get ahead in life. I can't tell you how many years went by of me just saying, yeah, I'll do it one day. And then finally the opportunity presented itself and I HAD to say yes or I'd literally be stuck in the same cycle of one day. 

This year, you'll see a lot MORE of me. You'll hear a lot more truth. You'll discover a lot more things. You'll get a look into my past. You'll see where I've been and where I am now. Are you ready for 2020?! I say LET'S DO IT!


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  • Morgan Jorgenson

    I am so excited to see more of you! Your content is so positive and uplifting! And you know I’m dying for all those recipes!

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